Through our lifetime we open a lot of doors. Some can be opened from the first time, while others just stuck or the key does not fit.


You can just turn around and leave, you can try to find the key … You might think that the doors are large, super-duper insuperable, but you can knock, right?


Open The Door – is a project that wants to open doors for you and to answer questions. Talk openly about uncomfortable or secret things, about modern life, way to yourself and finding a place in this world, we want to write about things that make  people of all ages happy – from children to the elderly.


After all, the Internet should not aimlessly absorb your time – it should help. Open The Door wants to be a resource that helps, the key that will open all your doors!




Inessa Cukrova – founder of the Open The Door, author, journalist and copywriter
Rina Grit – author, copywriter and social media professional
Oksana Kondratuk – psychotherapist, mediator and expert in psychology
Ilona Shulga – Web Designer
Tina Antonovich – Member of Ukrainian Association of Psychoanalysis, Psychoanalyst