Моника Ленвински

The price of shame – touchy Monica’s Lewinsky speech on TED

TED-talk – a wonderful project that allows people to talk to the world on topics of concern, important and contemporary issues. Monica Lewinsky, which we all remember only for affair with President Bill Clinton, moves to the core and opens our eyes to what is happening now through yellow media, trolling and open opportunities to make fun of any of us in public – all over the Internet!


I first encountered this topic when I worked at one of the popular women’s portals – the most visited section was “glamor” – where I except my other normal articles I had to write about how celebrities got fat or were caught on affair.  It was three minutes to write but I could not, I was disgusted and sick of it. I just could not understand who needs it? Why do so many comments under these news? Can someone feels better on the next sarcasm toward celebrity? I could not stand there even 3 months and I am delighted that stable salary and free coffee didn’t make me stay. Look at this video – perhaps you will understand something new and very important.



Inessa Cukrova

I like to ask questions and find answers. Constantly opening new and new doors. Select the correct key to the lock can be sometimes very difficult - but then Click - I understand everything! This is an amazing feeling ...

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