3G mindset – or how to get a dream job

Searching for a  dream job can take quite a while. Interview by interview, resume by resume, you are changing the structure, swap your skills, but it doesn’t help – seems like employers need something that you do not have, or they just can not see it…


MasterYourMindset_BooksThe founder of the largest and most popular in the world job search website REED James Reed in his book, “Put your mindset to work”, says that the skills will not guarantee you a career .





Education, experience, certifications of different courses – all of course are very useful, but does not guarantee you the desired position if you do not have the “right” mindset.


This is due to the rapid development and change in the list of specialties. Employers confirm that they do not know what skills they will need in 10 or even 5 years, but with the right mindset person can easily acquire all necessary skills.


James Reed and his colleague Paul G Stoltz, researcher, lecturer at Harvard Business School and author of several bestsellers on the issue of stability and ability to withstand difficulties conducted a joint study. Interviewing hundreds of Top and HR managers of large companies, they have concluded that all employers more willing to hire people with the right mindset than those who have skills appropriate for the position.


So what is their sense of right mindset?


3G – MINDSET is to have a set of characteristics that belong to one of three main G – Global , Good, Grit.


For example 100% of managers want their employees to be honest and trustworthy (these 2 features relating to Good), 99.7% sais commitment is important (Grit), the same number values ​​adaptability (Global).


It would seem quite logical, and you think I am quite honest, and very adaptive employee, but it turns out it’s not all you need…


3G Minset – Employer’s TOP 20


Quality 3G Essensial/
1 Honesty good 100%
2 Trustworthiness good 100%
3 Commitment grit 99.7%
4 Adaptability global 99.7%
5 Accountability grit 98.6%
6 Flexibility global 98.6%
7 Determination grit 98.14%
8 Loyalty good 97.91%
9 Relationship building good/global 97.44%
10 Contribution good/global 97.44%
11 Sincerity good 96.98%
12 Balance good 96.28%
13 Fairness good 96.05%
14 Morality good 96.05%
15 Drive grit 95.81%
16 Collaborative focus global 95.35%
17 Energy grit 95.12%
18 Purposfulness grit 93.49%
19 Openness good/global 93.49%
20 Innovativeness global/grit 93.02%


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In their book, the authors propose to measure your 3G thinking in the following table:


Measure your 3G minset from 1 to 10. Note – 10 is the highest which means you demonstrate that specific quality flawlessly and consistently (Hint – 10 are rare)


Connected – in touch with and connected to the bigger world.
Boundaryless – thinking and reaching way beyond your immediate world to get fresh ideas and perspective.
Open – receptive to a broad range of ideas and perspectives.
Flexible – readily adapt to change and the unexpected.
Global – keenly aware of and sensitive to the “ripple effect” the broader, far-reaching, often invisible impact of your words and deeds.
Honest – showing no deceit, telling the full truth, even when it’s uncomfortable.
Moral – consistently focused on doing what’s right in any circumstance.
Dependable – can be counted on to do what you say.
Caring – showing genuine concern and compassion for others.
Good – consistently striving to be a good person with and for others.
Growth-oriented – constantly seeking ways to learn, grow and improve.
Resilient – responding optimally every time adversity strikers.
Intense – able to consistently remain free from distractions and fully focused on the task at hand.
Tenacious – refusing to give up, striking to whatever you decide to pursue.
Full of grit – demonstrating uncommon determination and strength in difficult times.




So you can see where your weak points are and work hard to acquire those traits that have not been developed for various reasons. The authors of the book, which is bestseller, offer many exercises that will help make all your 3G mindset strong. “Put your mindset to work” – is a valuable knowledge that will help you get the dream job and most importantly, be successful in it.


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